When you need a service or product, why not reach out to a neighbor rather than a stranger. All FBA members live or do business within our community. When you choose a local business, you help our community thrive. Click on the BUSINESS DIRECTORY at left (Alphabetical or by Category) to find what you need.

About the FBA:
The FBA mission is to increase awareness of local businesses and to provide services to support those businesses. Through networking events, members get to know one another 
and the products and services offered. FBA members support each other with referrals 
and a surprising amount of business transpires. To learn more, click on BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP at left. To join now, click on the JOIN THE FBA link at left. 

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Meetings & Events

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Andrea Bryson and Dave Hueber 
The Clothes Mentor

Mark Rountree

Rountree Productions

Ken and Lisa Slechter

SECO Electric

P.O. Box 2251
Fairview, NC 28730

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 Secretary  Susan Lytle
 Membership  Frank Dixon
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